Don’t Get It Wrong! You Are not Selling a Product But a Solution

When I graduated from the university, I chose salesperson as my first job. I thought I could learn many things and train my strength and endurance. Although sales work was very tough, it was a good decision when looking back. The experience of my first job deeply influences the development of my career. I have been a freelancer and run my own business for 6 years, and I still apply those sales methods that I learned from my first job.

In my opinion, everyone who has ambition for his or her career should be equipped with communication and sales skills. If you dream to start your own business, knowing how to sell your products is more important than your knowledge of the products.

But why are you so reluctant to cultivate your sales skills? When it comes to sales, you might think salespeople never stop talking and they are very pushy and greedy. In fact, these are just stereotypes. In reality, we always have to “sell” in our daily life. When you try to convince people, you are actually selling your ideas to them.

A good salesperson doesn’t sell products forcibly. If you think sales are all about hard sell,it means you haven’t encountered a super salesperson. An extraordinary salesperson is good at listening and asking questions. Through questions, he or she can identify clients’ needs and what they care about. Then the salesperson offers products and services to solve clients’ problems. In other words, a good salesperson doesn’t sell products but offers solutions. Clients pay for the products but they appreciate the solutions. If you help clients, you will easily become a super  salesperson in clients’ minds.

But  a rookie salesperson always boasts about the advantages of products, forgetting to understand clients’ problems, emotions/feelings, and needs. He or she wouldn’t find out the reasons why people thirst for the products.

Remember: if you want to sell something,stop emphasizing on the products’ features, and try to transform products into solutions. 

If you could tell your clients: “See! This is the best solution to solve your problems”, they would be grateful to accept your proposal and buy products without hesitation!