Turn Your Interests into Income and a New Career

With the development of the internet and technology, it’s becoming easier and easier to have multiple jobs or be a slashie. Does it sound attractive, if you can transform your interests into income besides your regular salary? The following introduces the steps you can take to start:

Why do we choose “interests” as our side jobs?

Because when it is your own interest, you could be more persistent and more passionate to share with others.Generally speaking, you have been through the process from a novice to an expert. You have made all the mistakes that every beginner would make, so you would know the potential clients’ needs very well.

The articles, photos, videos that you create are your “digital assets” to start a business, and they will help you reach your potential clients more easily. 

What are you interested in? Just start to write some articles to accumulate your digital assets! 

How do you take the first step?

If you want to transform interests into income, the first step is not to go straight into the market but to do marketing. In other words, you have to let your potential clients know you and increase your exposure by posting relevant content on your Facebook, blog, YouTube, or other social media channels. 

Let me ask you some questions. If you announce on your facebook that “I will start a bakery”, will anyone be interested? But just imagine another situation. You have learned baking for a period of time and issued many articles and photos about baking continuously. After a while, now it’s time you announce you would start your own bakery. Then your friends on Facebook cannot wait to try your hand-made bread because they are all impressed by your efforts and devotion.

How can you earn money from your interests?

There are many ways to turn your interests into earning. It all depends on your creativity and business models you create. You can run a blog or a YouTube channel about your interests and earn money from the exposure and clicks of advertisements.You can be a tutor to teach those who want to engage in your interests. If your interests are about crafts, then you can sell products you make and materials kits.

Fans are different from clients.

If you start your own business with digital assets, your early clients might be your “fans”. They have followed you for a period of time and know you well. Your relationships are more like friends, beyond buyers and sellers. The trust is solid, so there are few picky clients. Instead, most clients would be understanding, especially in the first messy stage of starting a business.

Of course, you can’t let your fans and clients down. You should prepare perfect services and products to respond to their trust.

Can I still make money from interets, even if I am not proficient?

It’s a common myth that we can’t make money from our interests, if we are not proficient enough yet. Let’s divide the degree of how good you are at the interests into 10 levels. If you are at level 3, you could teach those who are at level 0, 1, or 2. Try to ask yourself, if you are a beginner, would you prefer to learn from an amature or a world-famous master? would you dare to ask some stupid questions the beginner would ask when you learn from a master? If you learn from an amature, you might learn details that are useful for beginners, and actually you would improve faster. 

It is not difficult at all to turn interests into incomes. Do you want to try it? Just take your first step to share your interests!