Don’t Rush to Finish the Task, Try to Leave more Time to Make Performance Perfect

Isn’t it better to complete our work as soon as possible? I used to think this way.

But after I read some books, I learned that I shouldn’t finish work in too much of a rush before the deadline. Instead, it’s better to do it slowly.

It doesn’t mean that you are slacking off when you work slowly. On the contrary, It’s a better way to get things done. Embracing the topic you are working on, it is easier to be inspired and generate more and better ideas in daily life.

For example, if I have to report the result of this month to a major client next week, I would not make the slides in a hurry. Instead, I would try to find out the best way to present my insight. 

Maybe I would discover the answer in a book, find a thing I should notice in a colleague’s presentation in the meeting, or seize an idea from the display of a mall when shopping on the weekend.

Shao-Chieh Lee, a Taiwanese actress whom I have learned performance from, mentioned a similar concept  in an interview. She used to build up the character as soon as possible, leaving more time to memorize punchlines and blocking. However, she changed her mind. She realized during the several months of rehearsal, many things might happen and influence her perspective of the character. 

If the deadline is still far away, try to slow down. You might find more ideas and inspiration to apply to your work!